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I can develop chalk art and hand lettering of almost any kind.

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PROJECT PROFILE: 800 Degrees Pizza - SLS Casino Location: Las Vegas, Neveda Project Type: on-site rendering Mediums: Permanent, chalk look Design and on-site installation of over 2000 square feet of permanent chalk art murals at 800 Degrees inside the SLS casino on the strip in Las Vegas. Believe it or not all of the murals you see below were installed in ONLY 3 DAYS by two people.  With the aid of some very tall ladders, and a scissor lift these murals were rendered on the 20’ tall exterior walls, matching interior walls as well as around the logo and column. The art was installed using a medium developed by Custom Chalk Studio that mimics the look of chalk while being smudge and moisture resistant, which was very important at this install location, thousands of people will be in close proximity to this art on a regular basis. SLS Casino - 800* Chalk mural art installation by CJ Hughes Permanent chalk art mural installation - 20 foot tall chalk art mural Restaurant chalk mural lettering - permanent art with the look of chalk Large scale mural installation - Permanent chalk artwork chalk mural lettering and design by customchalk.com It looks just like chalk, but this art will not smudge and is moisture resistant.  It can even be cleaned! Chalk artist for hire - mural artist for hire USA A close up of the mural chalk look art to show detail and chalk like texture.