3D street art chalk paintings 615-482-2839  |  cj@customchalk.com Call or email for your FREE quote. Chalk Artwork Delivery Methods While chalk is a simple medium, delivering it in a suitable format for your particular project can be complicated.  I have worked with chalk for several years and have developed different methods suited to each project I have been awarded.  I am constantly learning new tricks through trial and error.  Not many people can say they’ve ordered every single writing instrument on Amazon that writes in white, I can, and now I know what each is best suited for. My most common delivery methods and mediums are listed below, forgive me for being vague on the mediums, there is some proprietary information at play here. Actual chalk on an actual chalkboard for print Not all chalk art you see is real chalk, some folks developing chalk art never even pick up a  stick.  I start all projects with rough layouts on a chalk board, even if I will be redrawing it digitally.  When I use real chalk as the end art on a project I have a few ways of getting it to you.   -Delivery of actual chalked boards, chalk look medium that does not smudge   -Photography of actual chalked boards   -Photography of actual chalk boards combined with post editing in Photoshop   -Chalk look medium on black canvas or chalk oil cloth for large murals or backdrops, ships rolled    to just about anywhere in the world. Fake chalk look in Photoshop with layers for print All art is first drawn by hand, scanned in at a super high resolution and then edited in Photoshop to include a photograph chalkboard background, smudges, chalk dust and everything needed to make it look real.  The advantage is you are able to move items around, cut out items, etc. easily because the art is on it’s own layer.  When printing your final art in a large size this is the best method to use. Actual chalk on an actual chalkboard for murals The most natural and real form of chalk art is of course real chalk on a real chalkboard or chalk paint surface.  This can work well for temporary installations, private office installations where the employees are careful of the wall, or where the art is out of reach of the general public.  It’s also suitable for events in which the art will be removed within a few days of installation. Have chalk will travel, contact me for on-site installation rates. Permanent chalk on actual chalkboard for murals and installations While there is really no such thing as permanent chalk, as far as I know, I have found several mediums that mimic the look of chalk which can be applied permanently.  I’ve used these mediums to great effect in high traffic areas, and even wet areas.  It looks just like chalk but will not wipe or smudge away and is water resistant to the point of almost being water proof.  You can scrub and get it off, but you really have to scrub.  This option is perfect for when you want the chalk look but don’t want it to be harmed easily.  It’s best suited for permanent art or information.  I’ve done menus where part of it was permanent and part was temporary, for daily specials, and that is an option as well.  I can work in white only or full color with over 100 color options, all permanent with the look of chalk.  This method also works well when I am developing art for print work that needs to be shipped for on-site photography.  This method is applied to actual chalkboards for any size 24”x36” or smaller and to black painted canvas or chalk oil cloth for any size larger. Vector art from hand drawn raster art Vector art allows you to enlarge or reduce an image without losing resolution.  What IS lost however is texture.  The more texture a vector file has the larger the file.  Also it is void of the gradients, shades and lights and darks that come in between the actual chalk lines of chalk art.  However I’ve had success with finding a happy medium between the two.  If you want a chalk- type look but need to be able to scale the art, as in a logo across several applications, then this would be the best method for your project. Hand drawn art delivered as a kit for you to install on your own My services can get expensive if travel is involved.  While I appreciate every customer that is able to afford to have me travel to them, I don’t want to begrudge someone a chalk mural or art just because they can’t afford to put me on a plane.  For that reason I’ve developed a DIY kit for chalk art murals.  I still hand draw your art in my studio, I then set up tangible templates that I ship to you along with all of the art supplies and materials you will need to install it.  It can be a permanent or temporary application.  Looking for a unique team building exercise for your office?  This is it.   An example of chalk art using standard fonts mixed with freehand lettering.  This artwork was drawn by hand, scanned, manipulated in Photoshop and then provided to the client’s commercial sign company for large format printing and installation on printed wallpaper.  The print maintains the look of actual chalk while being durable enough for a high traffic restaurant setting. 615-482-2839 {CALL FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE!} Chalk Artist CJ Hughes - Professional Chalk Lettering for print, video and murals. 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