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Dixon Waltham Stick Chalk This is a super bright, very soft tapered chalk.  It breaks easily but is still nice to use when you want your art to really pop from the wall or board.  Work with the broken pieces on their side to easily shade areas.  This is the chalk I use to season every board I work on.  For new chalkboards that you want a chalk haze on turn a piece on it’s size and rub the whole board with it.  Take a Scotch Brite green scrub pad and rub in the chalk, then wipe with a soft rag.  This will make it easier to wipe the board clean. (See warning on Scotch Brite Pads below) PROS: Super bright, soft feel CONS: Breaks easily, will not fit into standard chalk holders.
Prang Hygieia Stick Chalk This is my favorite chalk for rendering lettering.  It’s bright, has a good heavy weight and does not break easily. As with most dustless, hard school chalks you can sharpen it in a large pencil sharpener to get finer lines.  PROS: Bright, rigid, holds point when sharpened CONS: Not good as a shader laid on it’s side
Bazic Felt Chalkboard Eraser Nothing beats a real felt eraser.  These are a little more expensive but they are well worth it.  They have a solid hardwood handle and the eraser is thick felt.  They have the vintage look stripes on the bottom. PROS: Real felt, hardwood handle CONS: They have the Bazic logo on the top, but you can sand it off or paint over it
School Smart Musical Staff Writer While these are normally used to quickly render the five lines of a musical staff I use them for laying out lines of text.  The top and bottom chalk pieces are the top and bottom of your letters.  Put a piece of chalk in the middle and that’s your line for lower case.  Need larger letters? Simply overlap your last line.  These are great for keeping your lettering height consistent when forming text on curved lines or in a banner.  After making your reference lines with your staff writer lightly wipe them away with a soft cloth, then write in your letters. PROS: Easily keep your lettering consistent CONS: None
Black Pearl Eraser The chalkboard friendly cousin of the famous Pink Pearl.  Use this to clean up your chalk lines, or to add some negative shading to hazy areas. The cast off from the eraser is black, so it’s hard to see against a blackboard, so you don’t have to try and wipe it away, wiping away your art in the process. PROS: Same color cast off as a blackboard, ergonomic CONS: None
Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Scouring Pad One of my trade secrets, don’t tell anyone!  Once you’ve turned your soft chalk on it’s side and rubbed it all over your board to season and get that hazy look, hit it with one of these.  Instead of it just wiping away the chalk it actually works it into the surface.  You can also use these to rub away spots and FINGERPRINTS on a seasoned chalkboard. WARNING: Use with care.  Test on a small area of your board first to make sure these won’t scratch the actual board.  I would NOT suggest using these on enamel chalkboards. PROS: Great for seasoning a board and removing fingerprints CONS: May scratch some boards